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Case report: Oral manifestations of systemic amyloidosis, an aid to diagnosis of multiple myeloma – report of two cases
D.W.V.N. Dissanayaka, H.M.M.R. Bandara, T. Sabesan, Y.S. Mohomed, B.S.M.S. Siriwardena
Open access
Available online 4 January 2021
Correlation and agreement of olfactory perception assessed by the Connecticut Chemosensory Clinical Research Center olfactory test and the Brief-Smell Identification Test
Marcello Bailarini Aniteli, Fernando Augusto Lima Marson, Fernanda Rodrigues Cunha, Eulália Sakano
Open access
Available online 4 January 2021
Management of coexistent sinonasal pathology in patients undergoing endoscopic cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea repair
Vedantam Rupa, Nedha Joy
Open access
Available online 4 January 2021
The influence of cognitive tasks on sensory organization test performance
Nathan Morelli, Nicholas R. Heebner, Courtney J. DeFeo, Matthew C. Hoch
Open access
Available online 4 January 2021
Common carotid artery kinking associated with bovine arch: a case report and review of literature
Mohammed Hassan Abdelaty
Open access
Available online 28 December 2020
Diagnostic and therapeutic endonasal rhinologic procedures generating aerosol during COVID-19 pandemic: a systematized review
Isha Preet Tuli, Sandeep Trehan, Kirti Khandelwal, Priyanka Chamoli, Sneha Nagendra, Aashish Tomar, Shilpam Sharma
Open access
Available online 23 December 2020
Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (Masson's tumor) of maxillary sinus
François Voruz, Grégoire Arnoux, Charles-Arnaud Serex, Claudio de Vito, Basile Nicolas Landis
Open access
Available online 19 December 2020
Acute longus colli tendinitis and otolaryngology
Kfir Siag, Salim Mazzawi, Miki Paker, Roy Biener, Rami Ghanayim, Dmitry Lumelsky
Open access
Available online 18 December 2020
Cochlear implant and tinnitus–a meta-analysis
Alda Linhares de Freitas Borges, Pauliana Lamounier e Silva Duarte, Rodolfo Bonfim Siqueira de Almeida, Alleluia Lima Losno Ledesma, Yaná Jinkings de Azevedo, Larissa Vilela Pereira, Fayez Bahmad
Open access
Available online 18 December 2020
Human papillomavirus infection and oral squamous cell carcinoma - a systematic review
Bernardo Augusto de Carvalho Melo, Luisa Gallo Vilar, Natália Rodrigues de Oliveira, Priscila Oliveira de Lima, Melina de Barros Pinheiro, Caroline Pereira Domingueti, Michele Conceição Pereira
Open access
Available online 16 December 2020
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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